BHNW's Structure

BHNW is one of the largest Neighbourhood Watches in the UK, and this can take a lot of organising!  As a result, we have a committee of unpaid volunteers who each have their own role to make everything work smoothly.

At the helm, we have our Chairman.  Supporting the Chairman is the Committee, made up of each of the area Coordinators, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Newsletter Editor, the Website Editor, and the Public Relations Officer.

Click on any of the roles in the diagram below to see more about the person currently in that role.

Each one of our 12 area Coordinators has responsibility for a particular sector of our community.   To find out who your Coordinator is, you can look at our Map, and then can look at our Our Committee page to find out more about them.

Supporting your area Coordinator is a team of Contact Points - local volunteers who are looking out for the safety of their neighbours.  Each of our 150 Contact Points manages a small number of homes (usually under 20) so yours should be very local indeed.  If you want to find out who yours is, have a look at your most recent newsletter as they should have put their name on the top. Failing that, just ask your Coordinator.

Our Vision Statement and Behaviour Charter

For further detail on BHNW's Structure, please view the below documents.

Document Download
Vision Statement and Constitution of BHNW PDF image
Bromley Heath Behaviour Charter v2.1 - August 2017 PDF image