Bromley Heath Neighbourhood Watch (BHNW) is one of the largest Neighbourhood Watches in the UK.

Based in Bristol, we have around 170 volunteers, and together we have been working hard for over 30 years to make our patch a safe but fun place to live for all its residents by taking an active interest in our community.

We undertake lots of projects and initiatives in order to promote our BHNW strapline of 'Working Together, Keeping You Safe', and are always on the lookout for volunteers to help us.   If you feel that you could spare as little as half hour just four times a year to deliver newsletters to your neighbours, we'd love to hear from you - have a look at our Get Involved page.

The key to our success is all of you, as you are the eyes and ears of the community.   Unless you report episodes, the Police will be none the wiser.   You have a number of options for doing this, including talking to your nearest Contact Point, contacting your area Coordinator, or emailing or calling us.   Just make sure you get as many details as possible and if you call the Police directly please make sure you 'tag' the call (let them know its from BHNW).

If you'd like to learn more about us, have a look at the Our Watch pages.

Also, on this site, you can find Photos of recent events, electronic copies of our quarterly Newsletters, useful website Links and helpful Documents.

Finally, we're always happy to hear from our community.   Just look at the Contact Us page for details.